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Impact the next generation with a donation to the Shroud Center
If you prefer to mail a check you can send it to:
Santiago Retreat Center
c/o Shroud Center
27912 Baker Canyon Rd
Silverado, CA 92676
EIN 27-1105387 501(c3)
Every donor will included in the Fellowship of the Shroud Orange County, where you will received a quarterly newsletter, updates, invitations to events, your name on a "donor thank you wall" in the center, and a copy of the new "Shroud Center Museum Book"
The Shroud Center is organizing this fundraiser to raise $50,000 (in addition to a  $150,000 grant from Santiago Retreat Center) to share the whole story of Jesus and the impact of most studied artifact on earth. The Center provides gospel presentations to over 5,000 youth with a face-to-face science meets faith interactive experience. 
About the Shroud Center Expansion Plan 2023

Today more than ever, we see the next generation stepping away from their faith. One of the key reasons for this is that they have been told that science and faith are contradictory. As well as the idea that there is no proof or reason for faith in Christianity.

The Shroud Center provides a powerful scientific perspective that once seen "is to be believed!" The Center currently resides at the Santiago Retreat Center in Orange County, California. Each year over 5,000 youth are given the opportunity to participate in an interactive Shroud of Turin experience with multimedia and the ability to walk up and view a full size high resolution luminated Shroud of Turin reproduction. This interaction for many is the first time they have contemplated the full passion story as it is visually explained right in front of them.

We need your help! The Shroud center would like to quadrupling (4x!) it's size to accommodate a new exhibit and room for 100 participants. Santiago Retreat Center is donating the new $150,000 building and property where it is located, but we need your partnership to build out the center!


The Shroud Center Expansion will include:

1. The Shroud Center at Santiago Retreat Center is expanding and doubling the size the building including new seating for 100 participants

2. New lighted display case for historical replicas donated by Mother Angelica

3. A 3D printed Jesus statue from Italy  (extracted from the image on the Shroud)

3. 30ft Interactive museum wall display that connects mobile devices with videos & resources

4. Projected 10ft animated 3D presentation that walks through the history, science and scripture of the Shroud

5. Chairs swivel 180 to reveal curtained off "adoration chapel" reveals altar, ambo - ​and reliquary and 14ft fabric shroud replica with a 30ft wall display flips to create large mural of the risen Jesus

7. Large outdoor mural with historical timeline of the Shroud throughout the centuries


Donate $25,000 to sponsor the Shroud Center outdoor mural timeline (corporate sponsor branding option)
(1 available)

Donate $12,000 to sponsor the Shroud Center Adoration Chapel Altar and Ambo
(1 available)

Donate $7500 3D printed Jesus statue from Italy extracted from image of the Shroud

(1 available)

Donate $5000 to sponsor the 3D CGI interactive Gospel video presentation
​(1 available)

Donate $2500 Mother Angelica collection lighted display case
(1 available)

Donate $2100 Shroud Center Row
of Chairs. Gospel presentation to 500 kids in 1 year. 
(10 available)

Donate $1500 video resource (similar to PraegerU teaching videos). 
(12 available)

Donate $1200 for adoration fabric shroud reproduction. 
(1 available)

Donate $850 for adoration fabric side altar tapestry shroud reproductions
. ​
(2 available)

Donate $1000 for a interactive museum wall panel. 
(26 available)

Donate $250 for museum exhibition environment buildout. 

(20 available)

Donate $250 for museum exhibition environment buildout
. ​
(20 available)
The Shroud Center is expanding! 4x the size in a new building.

Santiago Retreat Center is donating a new building to the Shroud Center which will be 4300 Square feet giving the center the ability to add new shroud exhibits and an adoration chapel.

Join with us to make this a reality!
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